The 1.0.10 release is an especially exciting one as it features the initial release of our Offsite Backup system to complement Katapult's existing Snapshot functionality.

A summary of additions and enhancements in this release:


In its initial release backups are generated on a per-disk basis. You can create a backup schedule via the "System disks" or "Shared disks" section within a virtual machine by selecting the disk you'd like to backup and clicking "Create new backup policy" from the right menu.

Backup policies for all disks are then available via the "Continuous backup" page under Storage resources - When you first create a backup policy the initial backup will be automatically scheduled to take place according to the configured schedule, however you can also generate a manual backup within your policy immediately or at any time by hitting "Initiate backup now".

Backups generated by the backup system are stored on resilient external hardware in a different geographical location to your live resources.

Daily Snapshots

All virtual machine disks now have an automatic snapshot taken daily by default - No action is needed to enable this and there is no cost for the snapshots, these will simply begin being taken automatically for any new disk shortly after creation.

Package Selector

The virtual machine package selector has been revamped into a tabbed list view, to improve readability.