Release 1.0.11 is primarily a quality-of-life release bringing a number of enhancements throughout the dashboard as well as improving consistency of network interfaces within virtual machines.

A summary of additions and enhancements in this release:

[Feature] Regenerate new VM hostnames in the wizard
[Enhancement] Disk template versioning
[Enhancement] Generate SSH keys for organizations
[Enhancement] Selecting VMs for a DNS record has been made easier.
[Enhancement] Network interfaces now have persistent hardware IDs improving consistency in naming within guests.
[Enhancement] Increase SSH key size to 4096 bits

Regenerate VM hostname

When deploying a virtual machine a default hostname is chosen for you - In case you're not particularly fond of the name chosen however, you can now "roll the dice" and have a new name generated - This can be done as many times as you like until you're issued a name you're happy with!

Disk Template Versioning

Previously disk templates have been entirely standalone and applying updates/changes to a template has either involved editing the existing template or cloning it out to an entirely separate template. This release introduces the concept of template versioning, meaning it is now possible to add a new version within an existing template and apply changes to the template and its configuration spec file, with the option to then make use of any version of the template.

This enhancement also introduces the concept of stable and unstable template versions - This allows users to mark a template version as unstable while it is being modified/tested, and promoted to a stable state once you're ready to put the template version into production.

Organization SSH Keys

Previously SSH keys for deployment onto virtual machines have been controlled at the user level with keys for individual users within the organization, however it is now possible to add SSH keys to the organization itself, which can be managed by any user within the organization rather than controlled by the relevant user(s) attached to it.