Release 1.0.15 brings various user interface improvements and bugfixes.

[ENHANCEMENT] Users must now verify new email addresses before they are changed.
[ENHANCEMENT] Shared disks can now be assigned to VMs at creation.[ENHANCEMENT] New UI wide confirmation dialogs.
[ENHANCEMENT] Remove shared disk VM assignments when they're trashed.
[ENHANCEMENT] Virtual machines can now be assigned to a group from the group's edit page.
[ENHANCEMENT] Virtual machines can now be powered on or off from the console.
[ENHANCEMENT] ISOs now show which virtual machines they are attached to on their own page.
[ENHANCEMENT] Disks can now be formatted on creation.

[UI] Change 'Continuous backup' navigation item to 'Backup policies'.
[UI] Add 'select/deselect all' option to roles checkboxes, and tidy layout.
[UI] Rename 'DNS Zones' to 'Domains' throughout UI, and implement a top level 'Domains' nav item.
[UI] Implement different 'create' and 'save' buttons depending on each form's context.

[BUG] Fixes bug when a virtual network is removed when this attached to a VM
[BUG] Fixes race condition where newly started VMs could be marked as stopped immediately
[BUG] Fixes backup policy counts on system and shared disks.